Simplify Your Business

If you’re jumping over from my personal blog Tuesdays with Terry, welcome. If you’re a regular reader of Better Business Basics, you may want to take a peek at the personal blog post that triggered these thoughts on simplifying!

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Business Mentoring

I’ve been thinking about this idea for months now and some conversation with the family and a colleague just firmed it up for me. It seems to me that most entrepreneurs starting up a business could really use a mentor who is always available to help them through everything from setup to planning to resourcing to operating to administering the back office. …Continue Reading

What is a “Better Business”?

I like to ponder this question because PCO Associates is meant to build better businesses with a focus on people. In fact, I ponder the question often. Here’s what all this pondering is boiling down to: …Continue Reading

Do Your Homework to Improve Sales Results

Do you want to improve revenue and the performance of your sales team? Then do your homework! Now that’s a pretty obvious better business basic! …Continue Reading

Improving Results through Servant Leadership

Servant leadership may be perceived as a “fad management technique” but I actually find it to be one of those better business basics I keep talking about.  Here’s why… …Continue Reading