You’re an entrepreneur! You created a business to deliver your specific products or services to customers who need them. You may not have expertise in the business of running a business. That’s where I come in.

As the owner and principal consultant I started this business because it seemed to me that owners of small to mid-sized businesses were missing an essential team member, a business adviser. I have an attorney who helped me set up my company and is always available to help with contracts and other legal documents. I have an accountant, a CPA who helped me set up the books so that I can handle the bookkeeping, who prepares my tax returns, and who handles complicated accounting and internal control questions.

All the rest of the business I can handle on my own or with a little outside help because my business is about building and maintaining high performance organizations; in other words, organizing and running businesses effectively. But other small to mid-sized businesses don’t have that advantage.

I would like to be that third adviser on your team. I can help:

  • Plan and organize your business
  • Define and implement essential systems and processes
  • Create and fill key positions
  • Coach and mentor you and your team members
  • Solve simple to complex business problems
  • Offer tips and techniques to tweak your business for top performance

I’d be pleased if you’d invite me to join your team of advisers. To get started, just check out my blog for articles, and look through resources I make available here on the site. And when you’re facing a unique challenge in any aspect of your business and could use an adviser right there in the trenches with you, give me a call or drop me an email; the first hour is always on me.