It's Tough Out There!

Feeling like you can't quite see the forest for the trees? Sometimes the path to success can feel pretty narrow. Could your business use a little help to boost revenues, cut costs, streamline operations, plan for changes, or just pull together as a team? Check out our services and give us a call! 616.822.9353

We're business mentors and we might be just the help you're looking for. We offer:

  • Better Business Basics 
  • Practical Business Ideas
  • Proven Performance Improvement Tools
  • Decades of Experience
  • Friendly and Approachable People

We provide consulting services focused on the key drivers of performance; your culture, plans, processes, structure and most importantly, your people. We tackle projects as large as a business plan, process design or culture transformation and as small as a spreadsheet, report, or new position profile. And we do it at an affordable price.